Coveris invests in sustainability with new flakes PET module


Coveris has installed a flakes PET module at its SAS factory in Soustons, France, boosting its environmental credentials.

The module helps reduce virgin material and re-uses plastic PET household waste that is almost entirely recovered from national bottle collection schemes. It then converts the recovered post-consumer hot-washed PET flakes into an rPET material that is suitable for manufacture of food packaging where the food comes into direct contact with the packaging. The investment has also created 20 new jobs at the plant.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has confirmed that the post-consumer rPET flakes processed in the new module are safe for use in all food applications.

The factory is also expected to expand capacity, and to support his, two PET thermoforming lines will be launched this year and one PET extrusion line will launch in 2017. The installation was supported financially by the Aquitaine region.
Leading global packaging manufacturer Coveris , have also once again secured victory at the UK Packaging Awards, taking home the prize for Flexible Pack of the Year for their innovative use of re-close technology and with net sales for 2016 of $1.9 billion, some $17 million higher than the previous year, Coveris is performing well on all fronts.

In todays corporate responsibile world the public can and do hold corporations to task so it is a must for manufacturing companies like Coveris to balance the functional and economic needs of their customers and the consumer as a whole. As such Coveris has shown that they are committed to delivering innovative packaging and coatings solutions that sit right with their own environmental responsibilities and those of their customers and that through continued collaboration with all of their  stakeholders – customers, industry partners and suppliers, their efforts we asssit them to continually strive to enhance their sustainability performance.